Best Catholic Resources

When I first became Catholic I was frustrated by how difficult it was to find solid Catholic material presented online. Now, through my own searching and through the help of a handy book called, “The Church and New Media,” I’ve compiled a list of the resources I’ve found most helpful online.

Busted Halo– Online magazine for young Catholics.

Catholic Answers is the best Catholic apologetics website out there. I’ve linked below to questions evangelicals often ask Catholics.

Catholics Come Home– A fantastic resource with great videos for people who are interested in becoming Catholic.

Coming Home Network– A haven for converts to Catholicism, especially former pastors.

National Catholic Register– I visit this website several times a day for news and columns.

Word on Fire- I listen to podcasts by Fr Robert Barron every week, and appreciate his frequent YouTube videos on pop culture.

Why I’m Catholic– Why I’m Catholic features stories from converts from all different background.


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