Catholic Weekend, Canning Tomatoes, and Egypt

This week Angela Sealana sent me an e-mail with an offer to appear on SQPN’s Catholic Weekend. I accidentally replied to myself, leaving Angela thinking I wasn’t coming on the show. Fail. We eventually got things straightened out and I spoke with Angela and Billy Newton for an hour on Saturday morning. Jackie listened a few feet away during the recording, and afterwards I reluctantly agreed to peruse garage sales, one of her favorite things to do.

Ironically I found two nice shirts and a pair of shorts for less than two dollars, grumbling the whole way. Jackie, the enthusiastic scavenger, didn’t find anything. On Saturday evening we canned tomatoes and today we had our priest over for dinner after I cantored in the morning.

Our pleasant weekend serves in strong contrast with what thousands of our brothers and sisters in Christ are enduring in Egypt. Dead bodies. Burned churches. Weeping mothers. Explosions. Chaos. Pope Francis sent out a convicting tweet on Saturday that drove the point home.

When God blesses me with abundance, I want to always keep in mind those who are suffering, struggling, despairing. It’s where Pope Francis has directed our attention, it’s where Jesus directs our attention. May God show mercy to all people in Egypt.


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