Let’s Fundraise Aaron Peiffer to Argentina


Today, a fellow convert to Catholicism and blogger, Aaron Peiffer, begins his 14 month journey of service in Argentina. He is receiving training in Brooklyn before traveling to Buenos Aires, where he will serve at a Catholic charity called Heart’s Home and participate in activities such as:

  • House visits to friends in the community
  • Weekly visits to AIDS patients at Muñiz Hospital
  • Organizing activities for the neighborhood children
  • Participation in parish events
  • Running a camp for the neighborhood children
  • Hosting local families and friends for a meals

Will you consider supporting Aaron financially and prayerfully on his journey? The power of online fundraising never ceases to amaze me, as evidenced by the recent successful Kickstarter project by Father Pontifex. This trip is important, not just for the people Aaron will serve but for his personal development as he grows as a man serving Christ. As Pope Francis encourages us to not forget the poor, Aaron will be appropriately serving in Francis’ home country.

You can find out more at Aaron’s website here.  

Thanks for your help,



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