Marriage, Honeymoon, Settling Down, Flu

1006124_10200276979673350_173105395_nHi everyone, 

Thank you to so many of you for your kind words and encouragements before I left for the wedding. Let’s recap: 

Week leading up to the wedding (June 1): Drove 20 hours in a short period moving Jackie’s stuff across state lines to my apartment. Had lots of very helpful friends fly in from around the country to be in the wedding party and help with wedding prep on the Friday. 

June 1: Got married. Woo hoo! Surrounded by friends and family, participating in a sacrament, having friends put watermelon halves under your tires. . .  

Week after wedding: Honeymoon to Niagra Falls. Woo hoo! 

Week after week after wedding: Unpacking, listening to 20+ hours of Harry Potter audio book, laughing. This may have been our favorite part of the whole trip. 

Now: Less peppy than usual because of the flu, but Jackie is a wonderful nurse and I’m back at work. 

Looking forward to posting more reflections in the days and weeks ahead. 

God Bless! 



2 thoughts on “Marriage, Honeymoon, Settling Down, Flu

  1. Many blessings on your wedding and union in the Lord!! I pray you will use this platform to help others to come to know their need to have Jesus at the center of their lives! I pray you will feel better, and that your life will now be able to focus more on building a sacramental life with family, friends, and work! God bless you always, and may the Lord richly bless your lives together!! Feel better!!

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