Do you really believe Jesus is in that wafer?

Yep, it’s called transubstantiation. But that’s not the craziest part! Ialso believe there is a being called God who has existed for all eternity. He knows everything, and by “He” I mean one God but three persons. One of those persons is Jesus, who’s dad is God yet he was never created. Jesus came from a place called heaven to a place called earth and became a fetus through a non-sexual act in a young girl’s belly. He was fully God and fully man—he laughed, cried, and said he didn’t know the future, yet also healed the sick, forgave sins, and knew when power went out of him. His death had implications for every soul in the world, and after 3 days he walked out of his grave. This was a great blow to a being called the Devil, who used to be an angel on God’s team but switched teams. After 40 days Jesus floated to heaven. I could keep going…

Why did you single out the Eucharist again?

(Originally posted in July 2012)


3 thoughts on “Do you really believe Jesus is in that wafer?

  1. Ed, have you read about the scientific findings of the events of Lanciano or Buenos Aires regarding the Eucharistic events there?
    Lanciano –
    Buenos Aires –

    That being shared, as a Catholic, I have learned enough ‘evidence’ from the Bible, early Christians’ beliefs and practices, Eucharistic miracles, and my own personal faith experience – to convince me that the Eucharist is the living and true Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus. (See Prof. Brant Pitre’s “Jewish Roots of the Eucharist”

    But I’m not surprised that the Lord has not made it 10000% clear-without-a-doubt that the Eucharist is Himself. God is not ultimately interested in our logical acknowledgement of the Eucharistic doctrine as a fact. He is ultimately longing for our love. The Eucharist is a gift of love, because it is the humble, unreserved gift of Self by God to you and me. When a man offers himself to his bride, he longs for her love. That is what the Eucharist is about, and that’s why understanding it is not simply a ‘brain exercise’ but a conversion experience.

  2. Those who say it isn’t biblical are misinformed. When Jesus was accused of directing his followers to cannibalism, many of his followers left him. But he wouldn’t take back his comment about, “Unless you EAT my flesh and DRINK my blood, you will have no life in you” and again at the last supper as he broke the bread, he said, “This is my body…” And he gave them to eat. I don’t think you can be any more clear than that. And for those who still don’t believe, google “Eucharistic miracles!” More than a few out there…

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