5 Reasons to Check Out Brandon Vogt’s Atheism and Christianity Website, “Strange Notions”

Brandon Vogt, an evangelical Protestant convert to the Catholic faith and author of The Church and New Media, launched a new project today called Strange Notions that will, I think, be a great gift to catechesis and evangelism. When Brandon says the project was two years in the making I certainly believe him. Here’s 5 reasons you should check it out.

1. You can share this website with atheist and agnostic friends. That’s the target audience for the group.

2. The website design is slick. Catholic Answers’s website recently got a facelift too. Way to go Catholics and digital design!

3. The contributors are top-notch. Father Robert Barron, Christopher West, Dr. Peter Kreeft, Father Dwight Longenecker–these are not posers.

3.You can grow deeper in your faith. Many of us may not daily struggle with the question of whether God or exists or not, but we still have nagging questions. I am particularly interested in reading up on historical issues raised against Catholicism like the treatment of Galileo.

4. The “recommended books” section is extensive.

5. The comments section on each article allows for appropriate and sensible dialogue between those who disagree. . . or so we hope.

Check out the site, Facebook page, or Twitter handle. Also, read an interview with Brandon published today about the site’s launch. 


What do you think?

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