Why I’m Changing My Social Media to “Anthony Elias.”

Hi everyone,

208962_10101288502043422_548184079_nAs you may have noticed, my Facebook page changed tonight from “Evangelical to Catholic” to “Anthony Elias.” Here’s 4 things you need to know.

1. In the future I may want to expand beyond Protestant apologetics to chastity projects and New Evangelization efforts towards non-Christians.  Facebook only allows you to change your page name before 200 likes and I’m getting close, so the change was now or never.

2. Elias is not my last name. For privacy reasons I have purposefully not used my last name online. Now, by acting like Spiderman and using a pseudonym, I will be able to more easily write guest posts on other blogs and write book reviews. By the way, Elias means “Jehovah is my God” and is used in the King James to translate Elijah in the New Testament.

3. I plan to keep my website as http://www.evangelicaltocatholic.com.

4. Keeping life balanced between work, marriage prep, personal spiritual life, and everything else is tricky for many. God willing, I’ll continue to ramp up my online presence and be a witness for Jesus Christ and His bride.

Thanks for your support,



5 thoughts on “Why I’m Changing My Social Media to “Anthony Elias.”

  1. Chastity! Awesome addition! 🙂 Hey, I sent you and email about doing a guest post on my blog. I know you and Jackie are super busy but if you would be open to it (after the wedding), I would be honored. Also a good way to get my readers over to your blog for some Chastity wisdom from a guy! God bless, Cindy

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