Father Claude Burns and Spirit Juice Studios

The Catholic Church is not known for its technical prowess. Let’s leave it at that before I start a fundraising campaign to improve horrendous parish websites (searching people do indeed use this series of tubes called the internets when looking for spiritual direction).

But, there are bright spots. Father Robert Barron’s Catholicism series is the obvious one. Father Claude Burns (Father Pontifex) and Spirit Juice Studios are two more. Father Claude responded to Jefferson Bethke’s famous YouTube video, “Why I hate religion, but love Jesus” with “Why I love religion, and love Jesus,” an impressive, high quality production.

Father Claude has produced several more videos, responding to atheism and other important questions our society is facing. Spirit Juice Studios does the production, and their YouTube page has many encouraging clips. 

What is the best Catholic content you’ve seen online?


One thought on “Father Claude Burns and Spirit Juice Studios

  1. Lifeteen and FOCUS make some great videos, too. Oh and Catholics Come Home is great. And Cardinal Tagle’s channel on youtube!

    Great idea to work on improving parish websites! Many diocesian (sp?) websites need it too.. haha

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