Why do you read this blog?

After reading Michael Hyatt’s book, “Platform,” I’ve been trying to better articulate why I’m blogging and why it’s worth time to do so.

Here’s the best I got: I want my blog to encourage all people and in particular Catholics to live out the richness and fullness of the Christian faith. I also want the title, “Evangelical to Catholic,” and selected posts, to be guideposts to other evangelical Protestants who are interested in learning more about Catholicism. This is my niche. I want to be smart like Scott Hahn, loud like Mark Driscoll, charming like Matt Chandler, Australian like Matt Fradd, but I’m not. This is the best I can do.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 2.28.58 PM

Here’s my prediction: as society grows increasingly chaotic, more evangelicals  are going to yearn for the fullness of the faith found in the Catholic Church. Denominations will rise and fall, “movements” will lose their flare, celebrity pastors will get stale, but the Catholic Church will still be there, proclaiming unchanging doctrine on the most important issues of our day. It’s not much of a prediction, because it’s already happening. Books like Christian Smith’s “How to go from being a good evangelical to a committed Catholic in 95 difficult steps” don’t get printed unless there’s a market of disillusioned Protestants like me. I want to encourage those who are searching and engage with the faithful Catholics on how we can better catechize our parishes and evangelize our world.

Am I accomplishing these goals? What could I do better?


11 thoughts on “Why do you read this blog?

  1. Totally agree with this: “Here’s my prediction: as society grows increasingly chaotic, more evangelicals are going to yearn for the fullness of the faith found in the Catholic Church.”

    I’m new to blogging, new to finding you, and new to Catholicism. I really appreciate your perspectives, and I’d like to hear more about specific ways you are experiencing fullness in your faith. I’d like to explore that on my site too at some point.

  2. 🙂 It is important to know what you are trying to do. My blog is essentially an online diary of sorts. With that though has come catharsis and responsibility to continue. Especially as more people look to Rome as a possible home. I read your blog because you are a little further down that road in some respects. I also read it because, I can always use another good book suggestion. I will leave you with one of mine. “He and I” by Gabrielle Bossis. Don’t try to read it cover to cover. That isn’t what it is meant for. It is meant to be savored. For me she ranks right up there in writing with St. Faustina.

  3. I have some Evangelical Christian friends at college who have at times tried to ‘convert’ me…I’m interested in your conversion story and the point of view you have as an Evangelical to Catholic convert…what you have learned and how you adjusted? I also have Protestant Christian friends who seem curious/interested about the Catholic faith, and I have a hard time explaining eloquently as a cradle Catholic hahah so it’d be great to see how you (with knowledge of both) would introduce Catholicism. Great blog, keep it up! 🙂

  4. Many cradle Catholics take their Faith for granted and just go through the motions. Your blog will serve to educate and re-ignite their love of the Faith that brings Jesus to them in a deep and meaningful way and opens windows to fresh perspectives into their relationship with Jesus.
    I read your blog because I want to learn more about how to approach issues with Protestant friends in a way that will be encouraging and insightful, rather than defensive and awkward. Your blog is clear, filled with passion and love of the Lord.
    I think you are achieving your objective.

  5. Hey, I am extremely apologetic for this comment because it has nothing to do with the post above it. I just felt that possibly, from what I’ve seen of you, you might care about this.

    Have you heard about Dr. Gosnell? He’s on trail now on 7 counts of 1st degree murder, among many other charges. His crimes are trully horrific, yet most of the news corporations won’t report on this story because Dr. Gosnell was (up until his arrest) an abortion providor, and the story is to politically dangerous. Please, if you can, read this article about it, and then read the Grand Jury’s Report on Dr. Gosnell. I’ve provided links below. If the traditional news media won’t cover this story then it’s up to bloggers like us to bring this man’s crimes, and the inexcusable negligence of multiple goverment departments that kept this man in operation for over 30 years.

    Sorry again about just randomly commenting here, but I feel it’s something that people need to know. Feel free to delete this comment if you feel it’s inappropriate, but if you can post about this or talk about it on twitter. The world needs to know.



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