Reflecting again on the Pope’s election

Reflecting again on the Pope's election

Devin Rose wrote a wonderful blog post after the election of the Pope. Rereading it made me excited all over again:

There’s nothing like it.

There’s nothing even close to like it. The conclave, the election of the new Pope, Francis.

My anti-religious facebook friends admitted being transfixed by the Sistine Chapel smoke cam. They were watching the live feed just like the Catholics. They wanted to know who would be elected. The world waited as the suspense built.

Islam has nothing that can match it.
Nor does Protestantism.
Nor does Eastern Orthodoxy.

This is what full visible unity looks like. This is what the principle of unity looks like. One man, the Vicar of Christ, the successor of St. Peter, the rock on which Christ built His Church.

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