The Whacky Gameshow of Least Emphasized Doctrines

The Whacky Gameshow of Least Emphasized Doctrines

Which of these four doctrines is least emphasized among today’s Catholics? Should there be more emphasis?


2 thoughts on “The Whacky Gameshow of Least Emphasized Doctrines

  1. As an observation of the practicing Catholics I know, I’m of the opinion that the least emphasized doctrine is hell. Indeed I have taken part in a catholic faith study outlining the basics of the Christian faith, a fairly ecumenical activity, and it did strike me that the leader focused more on the love of God than would be normal an an evangelical setting, indeed it seems as if the mention of sin and the effect it has (the potentiality of eternal damnation) is minimized to the largest degree. I’m of the opinion that this is a result of the effects of Vatican II and an (apparent) softening on the interpretation of the historical statement that “He cannot have God for his father, who has not the Church for his mother” (a statement, I must say, is also protestant along the lines of calvin, though evangelicalism as a whole also tends to place distain upon this idea).

    Purgatory I think is the least because it seems that, to me at least, catholics tend to place everyone in this category in that people tend to believe that others tend to not be in absolute rebellion towards God and so end up in purgatory, perhaps forgetting or not caring about the historical idea that a majority of people are condemned and instead favouring a light form of universalism.

  2. Hi Timothy,

    Thanks for the post. You sound very knowledgable of church history. I think you’re right that a degree of universalism is present among many, and it’s unfortunate. Ralph Martin is one of the names pushing back hard, and has been for awhile. His newest book is, “Will Many Be Saved? What Vatican II Actually Teaches and Implications for New Evangelization.”

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