Re-launch, “Evangelical to Catholic”

Praising God

A year ago I left an evangelical seminary to become Catholic. During the months leading up to my decision I had been searching the web for various resources to find people who had stories like me. It helped me feel less crazy. The Coming Home Network really helped, as did Why I’m Catholic, books, and news stories chronicling the phenomenon. By buying the domain name and changing the title from “Reluctant Road to Road,” this blog will become more easily identifiable to other evangelical pilgrims, as well as encouraging to Catholics.

Over the last year I have become more ecumenical. As I experience various frustrations with the Catholic Church (“Preach the gospel at all times, when necessary use words” is not a legitimate excuse to discard the New Evangelization, for the 10,000th time), I have a greater admiration for many evangelicals. Mark Driscoll’s mobilizing of young men, Lecrae’s enormous outreach to diverse groups of young people, and Rick Warren’s commitment to fighting poverty in Africa is truly admirable. I know many people who are risking their lives in countries around the world telling people about Jesus. My prayer is this blog will not undermine anyone’s faith but be a small voice to the call for Christian unity and the fullness of truth.

Let’s do this together. Here we go!


7 thoughts on “Re-launch, “Evangelical to Catholic”

  1. One of the great benefits of being a Catholic is that we can find the good in other Christian traditions and join non-Catholics in solidarity on many things. The same courtesy is not always afforded to Catholics, however. I applaud your efforts towards ecumenism and look forward to reading what you have to say!

  2. Your last line: “My prayer is this blog will not undermine anyone’s faith but be a small voice to the call for Christian unity and the fullness of truth.”

    That’s exactly what I would like to do myself and wish other would too.

      • Yes, I have very much enjoyed my time at Southeastern, and I have been challenged in a really good way to get deeper in my faith. As an evangelical married to a practicing Catholic, I have a deep desire for increased ecumenism and Christian unity, although I’m not sure how to best go about that.

      • Cool! In my experience the best things have been making sure we’re speaking the same lingo. There are significant differences between Catholicism and evangelicalism, but there are significant similarities that are sometimes overlooked when terms are not defined. Because of the difference views on justification, for example, Catholics talk about being “saved” in a different way than evangelicals. But both are still emphasizing the grace of God, just working in a different way.

        One thing that is frustrating is when people talk against “religion.” I get where they’re coming from and want to glorify Jesus, but I don’t think it’s helpful. Many Catholics find it offensive, whereas as an evangelical I never thought twice about it.

        I wrote a post called “Evangelicals and Catholics Talk Past Each Other” which discusses this issue.

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