The 7 Sacraments of Evangelicalism

I’m aware of the different ways Catholics and Protestants define “sacraments” and “ordinances.” There is great disagreement amongst Protestants on the issue too. On a very basic level, though, a sacrament imparts grace to the individual (have you ever said that sermon really blessed you?). While I wouldn’t have admitted it and rarely heard the word sacrament or ordinance used, I believed Bible study to be sacramental. I received God’s grace primarily through learning knowledge about God. That was precious, I’m very thankful for my fruitful study of the the Bible, and more Catholics need to study their Bibles. But it was incomplete. I missed out on the different rites Christ gave His Church and replaced it with intellectual intake.

1. Bible Study

2. Bible Memorization

3. Bible Meditation

4. Bible-Based Sermon Intake

5. Bible Commentary Reading

6. Baptism

7. Communion

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