Natural Family Planning (I Wish Spotify Would Stop Playing So Many Advertisements for Condoms)


Scott and Kimberly Hahn write that they concluded contraception was not biblical as evangelicals, and that it helped them on their way to Catholicism. I think they’re in the minority. As an evangelical I never thought much about contraception. It didn’t seem discussed in the Bible, and I never questioned what Christians had thought about the issue over church history (you should check it out).

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been learning about Natural Family Planning, the alternative to birth control endorsed by the Catholic Church. A few days ago I came across 1Flesh, a new organization run by college students that educates people about the dangers of contraception and promotes “organic sex.” It’s worth a look!



7 thoughts on “Natural Family Planning (I Wish Spotify Would Stop Playing So Many Advertisements for Condoms)

  1. I’m glad you’re looking into it. Besides being faithful to the Church teachings and natural law, couples who practice natural family planning have a far lower divorce rate than those who contracept. Those who contracept get divorced at almost the same rate as those in the secular world while, if memory serves me, those who practice NFP a mere 8% go through divorce. A nice bonus. Glad to see the college students getting involved in this. That’s a real sign of hope.

  2. I agree with servusfidelis. A married who cooperates with NFP develops an intimate communication regarding their sexual life that I’m pretty sure a contracepting couple don’t. When you use NFP, you have to cooperate, respect, dialogue with each other.

  3. I didn’t know much about NFP and didn’t investigate it before we got married. I regret this. Only now do I really appreciate the full meaning of NFP and the Church’s teaching on it. It’s very beautiful and makes such sense. If I could I would turn back the clock to start all over again, I would definitely choose the NFP route.

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