Evangelicals and Catholics Talk Past Each Other, Part I

Evangelical: Do you think you’re going to heaven?  Catholic: I hope so

Evangelical: (Woah. He must not be saved. If he were saved he would know.  I feel bad for him. I wish he understood the love of Jesus Christ and God’s grace.)

Catholic: How about you? Evangelical: YES!!!!

Catholic: (Wow. That is really arrogant. He’s not even dead yet and he knows he’s going to heaven? I think it’s sinful to be that arrogant. I am so confused.)

This demonstrates how two people who both love Jesus and both embrace grace can misunderstand each other. Roman Catholic theology does not accept “once saved always saved,” but it still affirms all entrance to heaven is by grace alone. Many evangelicals (David Platt/Paul Washer camp) will embrace the “saved” theology, but do not mean that once “saved” a person can do whatever they want.

The two sides are actually very close while seeming lightyears apart.

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4 thoughts on “Evangelicals and Catholics Talk Past Each Other, Part I

  1. Every time I see this argument, I will spent the next few days mulling it over in my head. Like you stated the sides are close together, yet light years apart. I’m often brought back to James 2:14-26 when I see this argument. Faith without works is dead. We can have faith that Christ’s death saves us from hell, but we must also work towards our salvation while on earth.

  2. Yeah if you focus enough on Romans and Galations you can make the case of justification by faith alone, just at the expense of other books of the Bible (especially the Gospels). It’s all a question of interpretation and authority. The Catholic Church has rightly interpreted and defined these issues for quite a long time. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

  3. Just as our salvation is a result of Christ’s work, so also the maintaining of our saved status is the result of His work… if it were not so even the most dedicated would fall short in some way. cheers Graeme

    • Hi! I think I agree with you, but we might mean different things. Do you believe a person can “lose” their salvation? There are certainly many examples of the most dedicated falling into serious unrepentant sin. Evangelicals have to conclude that this person was never “saved.” It seems that the only options are the person was never saved, Christ failed, or the doctrine of “saved” is wrong.

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