“That Would Be So Cool if it Wasn’t a False Religion”

While I was resisting Catholicism as an evangelical, there were a number of things I couldn’t help but admit were really cool about it. I would think, “Man, that sounds great. Too bad Catholicism is a false religion leading millions and millions to Hell.” One example is the unity of Catholics shown throughout the world by the lectionary. 

Last night I was talking to a new friend about the church services we’d attended that day. She went to Mass in Ohio and I went to Mass in Michigan. Because every parish follows the lectionary, we were able to discuss the readings from the service and how Jeremiah 23, Psalm 23, Ephesians 2, and Mark 6 all tie  to the shalom brought to the world through Jesus Christ. When she mentioned the occasional awkwardness of trying to hold hands with people during the Our Father (Lord’s Prayer), I knew exactly what she was talking about. We essentially went to the same service. The crazy thing is, we could have had the same conversation if she were in Honduras and I was in Iraq.

The lectionary was certainly not enough to convince me to become Catholic. But it is a bonus.

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