If only there was a quiet place where I could worship God. . .

While I was in college I would take 2-3 days a month and read Scripture, listen to sermons, journal, and pray. Fortunately we had a “Reflection Center” where I could go for peace and quiet. I never even considered going to the churches I attended because they  were often locked and the sanctuaries darkened. Sometimes I’d feel bad for people who didn’t have places to go to clear their minds in our cluttered culture. Where was I going to go once I left college?

I’ve discovered that place in the Catholic sanctuary. What a gift! Always open during the day, the visitor is in the special presence of Christ and surrounded by statues and imagery designed to teach the Gospel message and remind visitors of Christians who have walked with God previously. On the cross is the crucified Christ, a reminder of the incredible sacrifice 2,000 years ago. And most importantly, it’s a quiet place that is rightly treated with reverence. Wherever I live I am now assured a place of peace.

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2 thoughts on “If only there was a quiet place where I could worship God. . .

  1. A great deal of my work day involves driving from one patient to another. Traffic, road construction, loneliness are all things I deal with while driving. Along my usual routes, I’ve made note of where the Catholic churches are since I know I can always go in for some peace and prayer time. My favourite is a 24-hour Eucharistic Adoration chapel that I visit often. I’m glad you’ve found a Catholic sanctuary of your own.

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