Reason #68 for leaving evangelicalism

Today I found the list I made in my dorm room on February 29th, the day I left Southern Seminary. I wasn’t sure I was going to become Catholic, but I saw too many discrepancies in Protestantism to stay.

68. The sign of the cross. Many evangelicals like me would poke fun at Catholic rituals like the sign of the cross. We do this despite the fact that most Protestant, off-the-cuff prayers fail to mention the Holy Spirit. Ironically, this leads to opportunity for Francis Chan to write a bestselling book called The Forgotten God.

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4 thoughts on “Reason #68 for leaving evangelicalism

    • I’ve read parts of Crazy Love. I was/still am to an extent a huge fan of his sermons, especially Passion and the ones he’s done for Desiring God. Our Sunday School went through one of his series, but not the Forgotten God one.

  1. Congratulations on your continuing spiritual development! The sign of the Cross is really important to me as an Episcopalian, and nearly all our prayers remind us of the Holy Spirit, the One who’s with us now.

    Josh Thomas

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