Martin Luther sides with the Papists

“I would rather drink blood with the papists than mere wine with the Zwinglians.”

-Martin Luther

I grew up believing that communion was simply a symbol used to remember Jesus’ death on the cross. When I learned of the bizarre Catholic concept of transubstantiation, I assumed they simply didn’t understand metaphors. Why couldn’t they see that Jesus didn’t literally mean the bread was his body? After all, when Jesus said “I am the door” (John 10:9) he was’t saying he was made of wood.

As I explored church history I was shocked to learn how closely Martin Luther’s position resembled the “papists,” and how strongly he rejected the view embraced by most evangelical churches, This of course does not make the position right or wrong in and of itself (Catholic view here), but certainly an interesting thing to think about!

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3 thoughts on “Martin Luther sides with the Papists

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